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New competitive natural gas opportunities for Houston, Texas

Posted on by Black Bear Design Group

Energy Advisory Service announces new competitive natural gas opportunities for its multifamily clients in Houston, Texas.

Energy Advisory Service announced today that it had placed several of its client properties in Houston, Texas into competitive natural gas contracts which have reduced their gas cost and provided protection from price increases over the next year. Centerpoint Energy the natural gas utility in Houston recently lowered the minimum usage requirement for its customers to qualify for transportation service. Transportation service allows a customer to buy natural gas in the competitive market and use the Centerpoint Energy distribution to transport the gas to their property. Prior to lowering the transportation usage threshold multifamily clients did qualify for transportation and were therefore restricted to buying the natural gas commodity from Centerpoint Energy at the regulated rate.

In addition to lower competitive prices, the opportunity for our clients to buy natural gas in a competitive market also provides them with the ability to manage future price risk through negotiated fixed price contracts for one year or more.

There are some requirements a multifamily property must meet to qualify for transportation service. Please contact Rhonda Kreitz for more information.