Energy Advisory Service

EAS takes procurement one step further with aggregation

EAS provides the multifamily industry with complete energy solutions from beginning to end.

EAS means buying power. Apartment communities use small energy loads spread over many meters, which is not very attractive to suppliers. By combining your portfolio with other multifamily clients, the energy load becomes more attractive to suppliers and you benefit from substantial bulk rate discounts.

Before combinding our clients, EAS works hand-in-hand with you to understand your risk tolerance and plan a comprehensive energy strategy that fits your unique business.

We then combine your portfolio with our more than 240,000 units and begin the aggregation process:

This Process Entails
An RFP Energy Aggregation process
Due Diligence on Marketers
Supply Contract Negotiation
Objective Group and individual analysis and advice

Once the contracts are executed and the savings begins, EAS continues working for you by ensuring the suppliers are exceeding your expectations and you have the reporting to measure your results.

Complete Energy Managemen