Energy Advisory Service

Did you know that…

  • Statics show 60% of utility bills have errors?
  • An average savings of 15% are identified in EAS audits

60% of utility bills have errors

EAS understands that your company is challenged to avoid costly billing mistakes across facilities serviced by various utility companies. It’s your money and we’ll help you get it back.

Our job is simple. Find the errors, fix the errors and get your money back. Identifying and correcting errors can yield immediate savings and our utility bill audit and refund recovery services will help you secure the utility refunds you deserve. Not only do we help you recoup lost funds, but we fix the errors to lower your bill going forward. No equipment, new light bulbs or motors to buy.

And you don’t have to change your operations to qualify for savings either. As specialists in Utilities Regulation, rest assured. We’ll find the loopholes. So, whether your company uses electricity and/or natural gas, you’ll definitely want us to look at your bills. Our process is simple, manageable, and won’t take up your time.

The best part? If no savings are found, there is no fee.