Energy Advisory Service

EAS was founded in 2003 to help navigate the maze of deregulation for the multifamily industry. Nearly a decade later, we now represent over 240,000 apartment homes in 16 states. By combining the portfolios of our growing client list, we continue to achieve the best bulk rates and favorable contract terms. We then, pass these savings along to you.

  • The Power of Energy Savings

    IntegrityEAS’s extensive client base provides leverage to obtain competitive energy pricing and ancillary income. You can feel confident EAS has the resources to provide energy solutions for your portfolio.

  • The Power of Training

    TrainingEAS believes in sharing knowledge. We simply take pride in keeping you informed on energy markets and changes that could affect your budget. But, we don’t stop there. The programs put in place will only work when your operations endorse them. So, EAS has a dedicated expert to work with your site in training for new programs and changes within the energy market

  • The Power of Knowledge

    KnowledgeEAS experts bring a combined experience of more than 25 years in the energy business and over two decades in property management. This depth of knowledge empowers us to understand the unique energy challenges in the multifamily industry. We create the desired outcome by knowing the energy markets and working with our suppliers nationally on your behalf.

  • The Power of Reporting

    ReportingEAS understands you need to measure results. How are the programs you’ve put in place progressing? Are there savings in your energy costs? How much ancillary income have you received? EAS delivers reporting that answers all of these questions and more.

  • The Power of Customer Service

    Customer ServiceWe understand your core responsibilities are not to your energy suppliers, but to your portfolio and residents. EAS is here to ensure you are not distracted with energy concerns.